Dressage Prospects

Within a ranks of The Kiger Mustang one can find horses that exhibit the characteristic of all of itís progenitors, that were sculpted over the centuries by the various people and cultures who occupied Spain.† The Andalusian is one of these. †At SpringWater Station we have selected a few mares that exhibit a striking resemblance to their Andalusian ancestors, both in confirmation and gait. These traits of a royal bearing, excellent gaited movement, jumping ability combined with a cat-like agility and color make them ideally dressage prospect.

The Kiger mares we have selected for this task at SpringWater Station are strongly built, yet extremely elegant.† They stand 15.2 to 16.2 hands, have medium length head with eyes that are large and kind.† Their neck is reasonable long, yet elegant.† Their manes and tail are thick and abundant and lies tight to the body.

They possess a proud, but docile temperament.† These mares and their offspring exhibit a sensitive and particularly intelligent, cooperative nature.† They learn very quickly and easily when treated with respect and care.

This incredible line of mares, train with amazing ease, almost if they are reading ones thoughts. This ability to move in harmony with the rider gives one the impression and feel of working with an old dance partner, that already know the steps and enjoys the music.

At SpringWater Station we are dedicated to assisting the Kiger Mustang to regaining the title of the finest riding horse in the world, competition will be tough we know, but we believe.
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