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The Million Dollar Mustang!

It is the first time in the twenty-year history of the American Wild Horse Program that a wild hors has achieved the distinction of being syndicated. Cougar of Kiger, a two-year-old colt of the rare Spanish Kiger Mustangs have been recognized as a distinct breed of wild horse with a Spanish heritage.

Bobby Ingersol, owner and trainer of the colt, made the announcement in August, stating, "Cougar symbolizes the free spirit of America and shows the courage and commitment that is the foundation of our nation. He should belong to everyone." Cougar was born in the Steens Mountain Range in eastern Oregon, the spring of 89', and was gathered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the fall of 90', under their Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program. "The colt's natural instincts and intelligence caught my eye during a visit to the Wild Horse Corrals at Burns, Oregon." Bobby stated.

Ingersoll has been working with the colt less than a year. "I have never worked with a horse so intelligent and willing to please." Said Ingersoll. "Cougar is already a Champion in his own heart, and I'm confident that he will represent the American Mustang well in competition as a working cow horse."

Ingersoll's decision to syndicate the colt early in his career is based upon Bobby's desire to share this "Horse of Heritage" with others. "I want to let anyone share in the growth of a Champion." Bobby said. Cougar is being groomed for his first major competition early in 1992, an event many are anxiously awaiting.

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