Now is the time to consider breeding your best mare to the blood of a proven stallion. El Duc stands at stud at SpringWater Station Kiger Mustangs to approved mares. Whether you are seeking a sport-capable equine, endurance or dressage prospect, or a family pet, it is to your advantage to choose the best sire for your good mares.

No mares to breed but you'd like a foal?
Consider an on-farm broodmare lease of one of our classic Kiger Mares. Bred to an approved stallion or to our own, the resulting foal will be backed by generations of solid Kiger Mustang bloodlines.

We encourage you to consider AI for your mare.  In the short term and the long haul it involves less expensive and hassles when you factor in transportation and boarding fees.

El Duc’s stud fee for 2006 is $600.

There is of course a Live Foal Guarantee. We collect the semen & inseminate the mares ourselves. If your mare requires a vet for ultrasound, uterine cultures, or any type of vet treatment, you will be notified by us of her needs and billed by our vet accordingly.

There should be no surprises! If by chance you do not get a live foal, there will be No stud fee required the following year. You will be required to have a vet check her for breeding soundness before rebreeding her. If you would like to replace her with a different mare, you are welcome to do so. We want you to get a live foal as much as you do and we will certainly do our best to get one for you!

Please view "contracts" for “Breeding here at SWS Kigers” or “Transported Semen”. You may print them out & mail to us or contact us & I will mail one to you. If you are unfamiliar with transported semen procedures, please view our “Transported Semen Procedures” page. It is really quite simple.  El Duc’s semen holds up extremely well & tolerates this process without difficulty.

FedEx delivers right to your home or your veterinary's office within hours. The cost for this is $100 in the USA.

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